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Ornament Care and Storage FAQs

Q) How should I handle my new personalized ornaments?


Our ornaments are crafted from durable materials and may be enjoyed for many years if cared for properly. Due to the natural oils found on skin, we recommend that you do not touch the ink on your ornament as it may cause smudges or smears to your personalized keepsakes.

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Q) What is the best way to store my new personalized ornaments?


For best results when storing ornaments, we recommend that you lightly wrap your items in acid-free tissue paper or paper towels and place them in a heavy-duty plastic container or box with a fitted lid. The ornaments should then be stored in a humid-free, temperature controlled environment. For handcrafted dough ornaments, it is especially important to store these items in humid-free environments as exposure to moisture may cause damage.

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