Christmas Countdown

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A toddler’s third Christmas is an amazing time in their lives.  Most kids are a boundless ball of energy.  Many kids have favorite cartoon characters, certain shows they like to watch or books they prefer at bedtime.  Why not purchase a personalized third Christmas ornament to commemorate some of their fun pastimes.  Our officially licensed ELMO has been our #1 seller for many years.  Kids can easily relate to Elmo’s simple life with Dorothy, his pet goldfish, and look for him every day on Sesame Street.  We carry other Sesame characters, such as Big Bird, Cookie Monster & Abby Cadabby.  When they’re not watching cartoons, we’re sure they are snuggling with their teddy bears, playing pirate or trucks in the playroom.  And every parent knows, now is the time to conquer the potty.  We’ve got adorable keepsakes for that much anticipated milestone too!  Choose a 3rd Christmas personalized Christmas ornament for a grandchild or Godchild as an affordable keepsake that’s sure to be treasured for years to come.

Baby's Third/Toddler Christmas Ornaments