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The bicycle has been a part of our culture for more than 200 years.  What is more a rite of passage in childhood than learning to ride a 2-wheeler? Celebrate this accomplishment with a hand personalized ornament from Personalized Ornaments For You.  For a little one who has just mastered this skill, a reminder of their achievement will make them burst with pride! Bicycle enthusiasts, competitive riders, and exercise devotees will all appreciate a hand personalized Christmas ornament touting their accomplishments. Whether your rider is touring or racing, consider one of our colorful and detailed ornaments to mark this milestone. Don't forget the TRIATHLETES! We have something for everyone.  Many of the ornaments in this section are at the top of our Best-Sellers list.  Grab up the perfect stocking stuffer or gift tie-on for your cyclist today!

Bicycle Ornaments