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Our children are a precious gift that we treasure and cherish.ย  We put a huge amount of time into choosing who we will allow to take care of them when we cannot. Personalized Ornaments For You is here to help you CELEBRATE, THANK, and HONOR our Daycare Professionals and Babysitters. Christmas is the perfect time to tell your Babysitter or Daycare Provider how much they are appreciated. Have one of our talented artists hand personalize one of our many ornaments with their name, the year, and a sentiment such as “Thank Heaven For My Babysitter “, “I Love My Babysitter”, or “World’s Best Babysitter”. ย A fun and unique gift, we also offer ornaments for daycare classes that can be personalized with each child’s name in the group that your Daycare Provider will treasure ย year after year as it is hung up on their tree.

Daycare & Babysitter Ornaments