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Whether you have one furry feline, or a whole litter, you are sure to find the purr-fect ornament for your cat. Personalized ornaments For You has several breeds and colors from which to choose. Gray, black, black and white, orange, tabby, Siamese, Persian and more.  Our writers will lovingly transcribe your kittie’s name, year and heartfelt sentiment on the item of your choice. Feel free to use one of our sentiments if you’d like!  These make excellent gifts for veterinarians, pet sitters, and anyone who is crazy for cats. Maybe you are the ‘grandparent’ of a little ball of fur. Adorn your son or daughter’s Christmas tree with an ornament that looks like their ‘baby’.  Cats can offer hours of entertainment for their owners. Whether chasing a beam of light from a laser pointer, batting a ball of crumpled paper, or darting in and out of a bag, they are often hilarious to watch. Independent, yes, but loving and affectionate (when they feel like it!)

Cat Breed Ornaments