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Personalization Tips


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All ornaments shown on Personalized Ornaments For You are examples of how an item can be customized.  Please pay careful attention to the personalization options on each page. In most cases, you will receive the ornament exactly as you see it on the product page unless you tell us to leave it blank or offer another text option. We do not charge additional fees to customize a keepsake or make changes to our sample shown on the site.

  • We use upper and lower case lettering or all caps on our personalized ornaments , depending on the size of the writing area. If we cannot fit the names or words you have requested into a space, we will contact you via e-mail.

  • Please double check spelling of names that have multiple spellings; such as Aiden or Aidan; Caitlyn, Katelyn or Kaitlyn. Personalized Ornaments For You is not responsible for autocorrected spelling or grammar errors.

  • Many of our couple and family personalized ornaments do not have specific male or female characters. They look gender neutral until they are personalized. On these personalized ornaments , please be sure to put the names in the order in which you would like them written. Typically we follow the examples on our site. Personalized Ornaments For You is not responsible for names placed in the incorrect order where the customer did not enter the proper name on the correct figure.

  • When writing in the family name, there is no apostrophe! The Taylors is the correct way to customize an ornament as a gift, not The Taylor's. The correct plural form of a name ending in “S”; such as Jones, is Joneses. Since this looks awkward, we recommend “The Jones Family”, NOT “The Jones’s”, “The Jones” or “The Jone’s” since none of these are correct.

  • Many couples and families have different last names. On personalized ornaments where a space is designated for a last name, we suggest you write “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, Christmas + Year, or just the year.

  • On a family ornament, if the mother is pregnant, writing “Baby-to-be” or “?” on one of the little kid’s faces looks cute!

  • Pawprints and red hearts can be added to many items at no additional charge. Please use the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box at the check-out to let us know of your request.
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