Check out our fun and unique selection of Crab & Lobster ornaments!

A trip to Maine would not be complete without eating your fill of steamed lobster. There is nothing quite like sitting on a dock watching the lobster boats unloading, while cracking open a freshly caught, steaming hot lobster.  Mmmm, pass the melted butter, please!   Crabs and Maryland.  A natural combination. If you have never experienced eating Baltimore’s best, then you are missing out on a real treat! Sit right down at a brown paper covered table, grab a mallet and a steaming hot crab, seasoned to perfection, and the fun begins. Everyone has their preferred way to crack open these ‘beautiful swimmers’ from the Chesapeake Bay, and if you don’t know how, it won’t take long to find someone to help out! An ice cold pitcher of beer, and you are good to go! Personalized Ornaments For You has you covered with keepsakes to commemorate your seafood feast. Pick from our selection of realistic or cute crustaceans, and we’ll hand personalize them for you!

Crab & Lobster Ornaments