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‘Tis the season for Spring dance recitals, choir and band concerts and theater performances that will help wrap up the end of the school year. If you’re looking for the perfect, highly personal gift for your favorite performer, check out these awesome, personal dance recital gift ideas that will make their performance day more memorable.

Say It With A Picture

Nothing captures memories better than a photo of a dancer in their full costume or performance gear. That’s why personalized photo ornaments make a great keepsake to help commemorate a Spring recital. Order the ornament ahead of time and give it to them right after their performance, or print a photo and include it later as a gift so that they can remember their days as a dancer later in life. Including their name and the date ensures that they will never forget that special time in their lives.

Flower Power

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is a nice touch and almost a tradition when it comes to recital and theater performance gift ideas. It can be a relatively inexpensive way to let your performer know that they are loved and adored. Consider adding an extra-special personal touch by adding an adorable personalized dance ornament to the front of the bouquet with their name, performance, and the date or year. The flowers will eventually die, but a sweet ornament never will!

A Dance Scrapbook

One cool way to celebrate your dancer is to compile a collection of photos, performance tickets, or other memorabilia into a scrapbook for them. This is a great, yet ambitious, gift idea that will give them a chance to browse the fond memories of their performance days in the years to come. They will never forget that you put it together for them and they will love taking a trip through memory lane.

Gift Basket Love

Gift baskets equal love, and putting together a cute themed gift basket can be an awesome way to celebrate them. Opt to pull together a dance-themed gift basket with things that they need on recital day like sweets, snacks, hairspray, lip gloss, foot care items for tired feet…anything that makes your little dancer happy! The addition of a personalized performance ornament makes a sweet addition to a fun gift basket.

Personalized Ornaments make awesome gifts for your favorite performer. We offer ornaments for ballettapjazzmusical instrumentschoirtheater arts, and more.

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