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When it comes to announcing a new baby to the world, gender reveal parties are all the rage these days. It’s exciting when a couple finds out whether they’re having a boy or a girl, and announcing the gender during a party can be a fun and memorable way to share that prized moment with people you love the most. If you’re planning to have a gender reveal party, ask your doctor to write the baby’s gender down and put it in a sealed envelope and then give it to a trusted friend who will help with party planning. Whether you’ll be hoping for a little blue or a little pink, we’ve got gender reveal party ideas that you will love!

It’s A….? Six Gender Reveal Party Ideas You Will Love

  1. Let them eat cake. The truly sweet moment of the big reveal will be made all the sweeter when you hear this idea. Have your trusted friend bake or order a delicious cake for your party. When it’s time, Mom and Dad-to-be can slice into that sweet cake and find out what they are having based on the color of the cake—pink or blue. A fun way to learn more about your new little slice of heaven! Want to do something extra special? Add agender reveal ornament to the top of the cake (hidden of course) which will double as a keepsake for the parents.
  2. Use an ornament. Want a fun, inexpensive, and super easy way to announce the gender at your party? Use an ornament! Have your party organizer wrap two packages—one with a boy ornament and one with a girl ornament inside—and have Mommy and Daddy open the correct package. Every time they look at their ornament, they will remember that unforgettable moment!
  3. Cast your vote. Want to get points for a little audience participation at your party? Create cute voting cards that include a pink onesie on one side and a blue one on the other. Have your guests cast their votes and put them in the ballot box. Find out who’s right at the end of your party when you tally the ballots, open the doctor’s envelope, and announce it to your guests. Want to give your guests a keepsake of your special party? These adorable gender reveal ornaments would make perfect party favors.
  4. Take a swing. A super fun way to get the crowd involved is to include a pinata at your party. Get a baby-themed pinata like a teddy bear or baby doll and stuff it with candy and goodies for the guests. You can also include a slip of paper that contains the gender of the baby. Whoever took the winning “swing” to get the slip of paper out of the pinata gets to announce it to your guests and win a special prize!
  5. Pop the balloons. This fun idea involves some construction paper, food coloring, and some blown up balloons. Tape a bunch of white construction paper to a large area outside (like a backyard fence) and have your party planning friends fill the balloons with either blue or pink food coloring. Blow up the balloons, tape them to the construction paper, and have the parents throw darts to pop the balloons. As the color appears, everyone will know if it’s a boy or a girl.
  6. Just get silly. Another super simple and fun way to announce baby’s gender is to use an old party standby—silly string. Have the party planner purchase cans of blue or pink silly string for guests. Wait until an opportune moment and blast the expecting parents with blue or pink silly string. It’s guaranteed to get laughs and makes for great photo opps.

With a little creativity and excitement, your gender reveal party can be unforgettable! Explore our gender reveal ornaments for your party.

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