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Whekindergarden-yellow-school-bus-snowmenther you want to celebrate the first time your kindergartener writes their name legibly or your high school senior graduating summa cum laude, school milestones are events worth cherishing forever. Not only do you want your wonderful kiddos to know how proud you are of them, you want to remember these touching moments yourself for years to come. So, in honor of those school moments that make Momma proud, here are some ways to celebrate school milestones like a champ.

Make A Memorable Meal

Nothing says celebration more than a delicious home-cooked meal complete with friends and family. Does your little one love pancakes? Make a huge breakfast with pancake, eggs, and bacon for dinner and invite Grandma and Grandpa to join in. Have an older student that you want to honor? Throw an outdoor party complete with loud music and grilled gourmet burgers. With a little creativity and some delicious food, your student will love to be the center of attention and enjoy a little fanfare for a job well done. A cake and decorations can seal the deal too!

Give Them An Ornament

A thoughtfully crafted and personalized school ornament is something that your kids will love and will keep with them throughout their school years, into college, and when they grow up and have kids of their own. Every year, they will look at that ornament and think back fondly to their proudest moments. Don’t think your kids will go for one? Then order a school ornament with your child’s name for yourself and cherish the memory of their school success every time you look at it. There is a good chance that they will want to get their hands on that ornament once they are sentimental adults unwrapping all of their most beloved holiday ornaments!

Have A Kids Choice Night

A super fun way to spend a Saturday night and celebrate your kids is to reward them with a kids choice night. Kids choice means that the kiddos get to pick the restaurant and the activities. Whether it’s a night at the bowling alley, a roller skating rink, or fun at a putt-putt golf place, your kids will love that they get to control the activity and you might be surprised at how carefree you feel enjoying special activities that your kids adore.

Tell It With Photos

Kids of all ages love to see themselves in pictures. Whether looking studious and serious or silly and fun, gazing at a collection of photos of themselves with family and friends is sure to make them smile. Make your student a cool photo collage, photo album or photo book that they can share with their friends and teachers and that they will love to look at for years to come. A photo ornament is another way to memorialize a moment in time.

Go For The Green

Probably one of the most popular graduation presents in existence, cash is something that students love to get. It’s motivating and can be the ultimate reward for kids who want to use it to buy something special. Gift cards can also be a great way to celebrate a school milestone, but the most industrious students might be motivated enough to save cash for something big.

With some thoughtfulness and creativity, you can celebrate your child’s school milestones like a true champ. Always remember that what counts most for kids is your praise and love, so give them plenty of that, but a little extra reward never hurt anyone! Personalized Ornaments For You carries a beautiful selection of school ornaments including ornaments for Elementary School and beyond, graduation from preschool or high school, teachers gifts and much more.

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