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Graduation Gift Ideas For Your Rad Grad!Whether you’re celebrating your little ones pre-K graduation or you have a loved one who is walking across stage to accept their college diploma, finding the perfect graduation gift idea is important. You want it to be a meaningful gift and something that they can keep forever to remember their proud moment. From high school graduations to cosmetology school graduations, law school graduations, dental and medical school graduations and more, we’ve got the perfect personalized ornament for your graduate. Here are some great ways to use personalized ornaments as a graduation gift.

Give It With The Green

What’s one of the most popular graduation gifts that is given when somebody graduates? Why money of course. But often, the gift giver is afraid that money or gift cards will be a little too impersonal. Creating a beautiful, personalized ornament that comes with your graduates name and graduation year can be a great way to add a personal note to a graduation gift of money. Add the ornament to the gift bag with money or tie it to the front of a money box as an extra personal touch!

Top Off The Fun

Are you hosting a graduation party for your favorite graduate? Most graduation parties feature a cake, so why not personalize an ornament to use as a cake topper? It would make an extra cute cake decoration and it will give your favorite graduate something that they will keep for the rest of their lives. They’ll always remember one of their proudest moments, and of course that awesome graduation party that you threw for them!

Make A Basket

Gift baskets are a super fun and exciting way to celebrate that special grad. High school grads that are headed off to college, for example, would love to have cool stuff for their dorm rooms, and a dorm room gift basket is a fun way to go. Using a personalized ornament as an extra decoration on the outside of a gift basket is a fun way to make your graduate feel loved, appreciated, and special.

Party Favors

If you’re hosting a party for multiple grads, getting them each a personalized ornament that includes their graduation year and name is an inexpensive, yet really memorable party favor for each graduate. In lieu of other party favors that won’t stand the test of time, an ornament is something that they’ll put on their holiday tree every year and think of the fun they had with their friends during their awesome graduation party.

If you want to let that graduate in your life know that they are truly special, a personal, adorable ornament is a great way to go. The quality and selection of our graduation ornaments is unmatched and we offer ornaments for every type of graduate:

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